We create immersive, loyalty-inspiring, persistent experiences that bridge geography, technology and communities.

We create immersive, loyalty-inspiring, persistent experiences that bridge geography, technology and communities. Our audience-centric approach allows us to tap into emotionally connected issues and interactions. The result is a sticky user experience, one they’ll desire to interact with more and more. Our agile process ensures that new versions of your applications are distributed early and often.

Firm Idea provides prime contracting services in support of the entire software development lifecycle. From ideation to eventual replacement, our expert staff guides stakeholders through the strategic and developmental process. Constant communication ensures a close alignment with your values and goals, while our expertise allows us to innovate solutions out in front of other companies in your industry.

Read further about how we support the various stages of development, or drop us a line so we can discuss the particular challenges of your next software project.


A grounded, measurable, and focused strategy is critical to ensuring timely and on-budget success.

Internalizing the audience

Our first step is understanding how our clients think; we internalize your values and develop a concise profile of the project’s audience, giving us the opportunity to discover hidden problems and challenges that must be resolved.

Measure twice, cut once

Disconnected strategy threatens otherwise strong concepts or opportunities. We mitigate this threat by confirming base assumptions and vetting requirements against stakeholder goals and discovered needs. From this analysis, Firm Idea helps build and guide a strategy to solve your audiences’ needs.


Many services from a single partner

We provide a wide range of design services, including identity branding, content strategy, information architecture, style guide construction. Our process and offerings can be tailored to your individual needs, allowing your project both flexibility and a consistent design voice.

Humanistic approach

By internalizing our audience analyses, our designs are emotionally engaging. The humanistic focus results in a more intuitive, satisfying experience for the user.


Challenges excite us, and our team of engineers and architects covers all common software languages and systems.

Extensive capabilities to fit your project

Firm Idea designs and develops applications based on open standards. We have extensive experience with open source software and believe that it’s a key ingredient to help our customers increase their ROI.

The languages and tools to fit your needs

Our development philosophy had focused our toolset in a large part on enterprise-grade open source software, including:

  • Linux
  • LAMP stacks (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Relational databases, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Amazon SimpleDB
  • Big-data capture, storage, curation, sharing, analysis and visualization.
  • IT automation platforms such as Puppet, mCollective and Chef.

Responsive agile deployment

Our tested agile development approaches allow us to tailor deadlines, stakeholder interaction, communication and deliveries to your internal processes. That seamless integration makes Firm Idea an organic fit to your next web project. Contact us today to see how.


When the costs to completely overhaul an IT software system are too high, the solution is to integrate key new software systems into your existing architecture.

Common integration challenges

Finding the right approach, however, can be as challenging as deciding which systems to replace and keep.

  • In-house Peer-to-Peer integrations quickly become messy, expensive to maintain and overwhelming for your staff.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) suite require investing a significant amount of time deploying, just to run into the limitations of the solution's rigid architecture.

The Enterprise Service Bus alternative

An alternative is MuleSoft's Mule ESB. Mule ESB is a lightweight, flexible integration platform that is easy to deploy and enables in-house developers and contractors alike to use tools they already know. As a MuleSoft ESB partner and a certified system integrator, Firm Idea can integrate Mule ESB into your existing IT ecosystem.


Full software life cycle support

Firm Idea is a full software life cycle shop: On-going support and service is a major component of the successful partnerships we've built our past and current clients. Training, application administration, scheduled and emergency maintenance are all available to ensure the long-term success of your efforts.

New or existing projects

We can also step in and support or resurrect projects under development and live production systems. Stagnant projects, failing to improve or keep up with Internet standards, risk becoming monuments in effigy. Firm Idea will work with you to

  • quickly assess current conditions,
  • identify the roadblocks and bottlenecks that are impeding your project, and
  • help you take action to turn that troubled project into a success.


The often overlooked component to a project's success is user and stakeholder training. Firm Idea supports a wide range of training options, from online an knowledgebase to live user instruction. Let us help ensure your next Internet project is not only technologically successful, but has the buy-in and adoption to be embraced by your users and stakeholders.

If you're ready to start or would like to know more, let us know how to get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs and challenges.